UniLIGHT - DUAL5-100x2-GNWE 5mm Navigation & Strobe, 10Wx2 Verde-Strobo

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UniLIGHT - DUAL5-100x2-GNWE 5mm Navigation & Strobe, 10Wx2 Verde-Strobo
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Powerful position and flash light in a small housing. The profile light of the 8mm series is slim outside and fits optically also onto the smallest models, thin wings and is used perfectly for sport models. Due to new efficient LED emitter, the light has an enormous luminous power despite the compact dimension. The internally positioned heatsinks enable the smallest dimensions with a unique slim design.

The luminaire is ready to use for operation with 2S LiPo (ca. 8V). With 3S (12V), the enclosed resistor has to be used. Please note that high-performance LEDs can get very hot, up to 70°C is quite normal. These lamps with heatsink cases are suitable for continuous operation if an air flow (during flight) is possible. If this is not the case, the duty cycle of 5-10 minutes should not be exceeded. Please check operation temperatures after installation. 

Technische Daten

Electricity: 2Wx2 RED/GREEN and 8Wx2 WHITE reference power 8(12)V
Beam angle: >150°
Light intensity: ~80 Lumen RED
Light intensity: ~140 Lumen GREEN
Light intensity: ~450 Lumen WHITE
Dimension: 38x5x4mm
Weight: 3g (without cable)
Delivery: ready to use with 2x0.5m PTFE cable and series resistor for 2S, resistor for 3S enclosed




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